Golden Blend Chelated Alpaca Minerals with Probiotics

For healthy llamas and alpacas. Research shows that the benefits of supplementing with vitamins and chelated minerals are:

  • Animals are healthier and have a better conception rate
  • Young crias grow at a faster rate
  • The chances of having birthing problems are reduced

Each vitamin and mineral has been balanced with its counterpart. Selenium plays a major role in the normal development of the fetus during pregnancy and vitality of the newborn. Vitamin E is an antioxidant and is enhanced by selenium. You will find selenium in high levels balanced with Vitamin E to help protect against “white muscle disease”. Zinc is necessary for the mobilization of Vitamin A. We have added a highly available source of organic zinc to help improve skin condition and promote high quality fiber. If your formula is not balanced the vitamins and minerals can be locked out.

We also added probiotics to help support the digestive system and keep it healthy. The benefits claimed for probiotics are as follows:

Increased growth rate
Improved feed conversation
Improved resistance to disease
Improved milk yield and quality
You will find that your animals will also feel better. Againg causes many problems in older animals. They absorb less and less nutrients as they age. This is one reason why the probiotics have such a dramatic effect on older animals. Probiotics enable them to utilize more of the nutrients in their feed, pasture and hay. Golden Blend Chelated Alpaca Minerals and MasterPlan Llama Minerals are very palatable. We have known for years what the universities and leading veterinarians are just learning. It doesn’t matter how good your minerals are, if your animals don’t eat them, they won’t work. We have added a natural sweetener to our minerals. You can smell the sweet aroma when you open the bag. If your Alpacas or Llamas don’t like minerals, try these. You can feed the minerals free choice or you can top dress the feed. You don’t need to add anything else.

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Chelated Alpaca Minerals

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